Technical Program

June 14, 2007

9:00-10:00 Invited Talk: Bhavani Thuraisingham CPT: Confidentiality, Privacy and Trust Management for the Semantic Web

10:30-12:00 Semantic Web Long papers (3) (20 mins for presentation + 10 for questions)

Session IV : SW Policy languages
Chair: Carlos Kamienski (UFABC)

  • C. Duma, A. Herzog, N. Shahmehri (Linkopings University)
    Privacy in the Semantic Web: What Policy Languages Have to Offer

  • Z. Liu, A. Ranganathan, A. Riabov (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
    Specifying and Enforcing High-Level Semantic Obligation Policies

  • A. Toninelli, R. Montanari (University of Bologna), L. Kagal (MIT), O. Lassila (Nokia)
    Proteus: A Semantic Context-Aware Adaptive Policy Model

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:00 Panel: Business impact of research on policy for distributed systems and networks.

Facilitator: Claudio Bartolini (HP Laboratories, USA)


  • Dakshi Agrawal (IBM Research T.J. Watson, USA) [slides]
  • Marco Casassa-Mont (HP Laboratories, UK) [slides]
  • Ritu Chadha (Telcordia Research, USA) [slides]
  • Hanan Luftiyya (University of Western Ontario, Canada) [slides]

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break

3.30-5:00 Long Papers (3) (20 mins for presentation + 10 for questions)

Session V : Policy Enforcement
Maria Luisa Damiani (DICO - University of Milan)

  • A. Kapadia (Dartmouth College), P. Naldurg (Microsoft Research, India), R. Campbell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    Distributed Enforcement of Unlinkability Policies: Looking Beyond the Chinese Wall

  • A. El-Atawy, T. Samak, Z. Wali, E. Al-Shaer (DePaul University), F. Lin, C. Pham, S. Li (Cisco)
    An Automated Framework for Validating Firewall Policy Enforcement

  • H. Janicke, A. Cau, F. Siewe, H. Zedan (De Monfort University)
    Deriving Enforcement Mechanisms from Policies

5:00 Poster Session

  • M. G. Ceruti, L. Duffy, Y. M. Arias-Those (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego)
    “Analysis of Policy and Standards for Joint C4ISR Network Technologies”

  • A. Bandara (The Open University), A. Russo, E. Lupu (Imperial College London)
    “Towards Learning Privacy Policies”

  • M. Hilty, A. Pretschner (ETH), C. Schaefer, T. Walter (DoCoMo Euro-Labs)
    “DUKE - Distributed Usage Control Enforcement”

  • M. Marchi (University of Milano), A. Provetti (University of Messina), R. Penzo (Regione Lombardia)
    “Policy-based Parametric Firewall Configuration: A Real-case Application”

  • I. Kotenko, O. Chervatuk, E. Sidelnikova, A. Tishkov (St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation)
    “Hybrid Multi-module Security Policy Verification”

  • F. Massacci, K. Naliuka (University of Trento)
    “Towards Practical Security Monitors of UML Policies for Mobile Applications”

  • P. Jaillon, M. Roelens, X. Serppagi, H. Vu (Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne)
    “Towards an Approach for Hybrid Trust Model”

  • C. Basile, A. Lioy (Politecnico di Torino), G. Martinez Perez, F.J. Garcia Clemente, A. F. Gomez Skarmeta (Universidad de Murcia)
    “POSITIF: A Policy-based Security Management System”

  • G. Fiumara (University of Messina), M. Marchi (University of Milano), A. Provetti (University of Messina)
    “Adaptive Web Data Extraction Policies”

13 June
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