Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  1. C. Duma, A. Herzog, N. Shahmehri (Linkopings University)
    “Privacy in the Semantic Web: What Policy Languages Have to Offer”

  2. Z. Liu, A. Ranganathan, A. Riabov (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
    “Specifying and Enforcing High-Level Semantic Obligation Policies”

  3. S. Baselice, P. Bonatti, M. Faella (University of Naples)
    “On Interoperable Trust Negotiation Strategies”

  4. A. Kapadia (Dartmouth College), P. Naldurg (Microsoft Research, India), R. Campbell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    “Distributed Enforcement of Unlinkability Policies: Looking Beyond the Chinese Wall”

  5. G. Russello, C. Dong, N. Dulay (Imperial College London)
    “Authorisation and Conflict Resolution for Hierarchical Domains”

  6. T. Ryutov (USC Information Sciences Institute)
    “A Socio-cognitive Approach to Modeling Policies in Open Environments”

  7. R. Gupta, S. Roy, M. Bhide (IBM India Research Lab)
    “Identity Delegation in Policy Based Systems”

  8. H. Janicke, A. Cau, F. Siewe, H. Zedan (De Monfort University)
    “Deriving Enforcement Mechanisms from Policies”

  9. C. Kamienski (Universidade Federal do ABC), J. Fidalgo, R. Dantas, D. Sadok (Universidade Federal de Parnambuco), B. Ohlman (Ericsson Research)
    “XACML-Based Composition Policies for Ambient Networks”

  10. F. St-Onge, D. Kidston, I. Labbe (Communications Research Centre)
    “A Multi-Level Policy Representation for Management Services in Maritime Networks”

  11. I. Constandache (Duke University), D. Olmedilla (L3S Research Center), F. Siebenlist (Argonne National Laboratory)
    “Policy-driven Negotiation for Authorization in the Grid”

  12. B. Sadighi (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)
    “Overriding of Access Control in XACML”

  13. B. Solhaug (SINTEF ICT), D. Elgesem (University of Bergen), K. Stolen (SINTEF ICT and University of Oslo)
    “Specifying Policies Using UML Sequence Diagrams - An Evaluation based on a Case Study”

  14. A. El-Atawy, T. Samak, Z. Wali, E. Al-Shaer (DePaul University), F. Lin, C. Pham, S. Li (Cisco)
    “An Automated Framework for Validating Firewall Policy Enforcement”

  15. A. Toninelli, R. Montanari (University of Bologna), L. Kagal (MIT), O. Lassila (Nokia)
    “Proteus: A Semantic Context-Aware Adaptive Policy Model”

  16. J. Voris, S. Ioannidis (Stevens Institute of Technology), U. Meyer (Siemens Networks), S. Wetzel (Stevens Institute of Technology)
    “Performance Evaluation of a Privacy-preserving Policy Reconciliation”

Short Papers

  • C. Hanson, L. Kagal, G. Sussman, T. Berners-Lee, D. Weitzner (MIT)
    “Data-Purpose Algebra: Modeling Data Usage Policies”

  • L. Teo, G. Ahn, (UNC Charlotte)
    “Towards Effective Security Policy Management for Heterogeneous Network Environments”

  • P. Argyroudis, T. Forde, L. Doyle, D. O’Mahony (University of Dublin, Trinity College)
    “A Policy-driven Trading Framework for Market-based Spectrum Assignment”

  • K. Verlaenen, B. De Win, W. Joosen (KULeuven)
    “Policy analysis Using a Hybrid Semantic Reasoning Engine”

  • M. Casassa Mont, F. Beato (HP Labs)
    “On Parametric Obligation Policies: Enabling Privacy-aware Information Lifecycle Management in Enterprises”

  • K. Feeney, D. Lewis, V. Wade (Trinity College Dublin)
    “Handling Dynamic Organizational Change with Community-Based Policy Management”

  • G. Konstantoulakis (Morgan Stanley), M. Sloman (Imperial College London)
    “Call Management Policy Specification for the Asterisk Telephone Private Branch Exchange”

  • T. Rochaeli, C. Eckert (Darmstadt University of Technology)
    “Expertise Knowledge-based Policy Refinement Process”

  • C. Jason, G. Lewin, Y. Gottlieb, R. Chadha, S.W. Li, A. Poylisher (Telcordia Technologies)
    S. Newman, R. Lo (U.S. Army CERDEC) “On Automated Policy Generation for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”

  • H. A. Salam, K. Maly, R. Mukkamala, M. Zubair (Old Dominion University)
    “Infrastructure-aware Autonomic Manager for Change Management”

  • W. Dobmeier, G. Pernul (University of Ragensburg)
    “Towards Privacy-aware Handling of Authorizations”

  • P. Rao, D. Lin, E. Bertino (Purdue University)
    “XACML Function Annotations”

  • Y. Demchenko, L. Gommans, C. DeLaat (University of Amsterdam)
    “Using XACML and SAML for Complex Resource Provisioning in Grid based Applications”

  • G. Denker, M. Stehr, R. Senanayake, D. Elenius, C. Talcott, D. Wilkins (SRI International)
    “CoRaL - Policy Language and Reasoning Techniques for Spectrum Policies”

  • N. Kaviani (Simon Fraser University), G. Wagner (Brandenburg University of Technology at Cottobus)
    “Web Rule Languages to Carry Policies”

  • H. Lutifiyya (University of Western Ontario)
    “Dynamic Adaptation of Policies in Data Center Management”


  • M. G. Ceruti, L. Duffy, Y. M. Arias-Those (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego)
    “Analysis of Policy and Standards for Joint C4ISR Network Technologies”

  • A. Bandara (The Open University), A. Russo, E. Lupu (Imperial College London)
    “Towards Learning Privacy Policies”

  • M. Hilty, A. Pretschner (ETH), C. Schaefer, T. Walter (DoCoMo Euro-Labs)
    “DUKE - Distributed Usage Control Enforcement”

  • M. Marchi (University of Milano), A. Provetti (University of Messina), R. Penzo (Regione Lombardia)
    “Policy-based Parametric Firewall Configuration: A Real-case Application”

  • I. Kotenko, O. Chervatuk, E. Sidelnikova, A. Tishkov (St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation)
    “Hybrid Multi-module Security Policy Verification”

  • F. Massacci, K. Naliuka (University of Trento)
    “Towards Practical Security Monitors of UML Policies for Mobile Applications”

  • P. Jaillon, M. Roelens, X. Serppagi, H. Vu (Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne)
    “Towards an Approach for Hybrid Trust Model”

  • C. Basile, A. Lioy (Politecnico di Torino), G. Martinez Perez, F.J. Garcia Clemente, A. F. Gomez Skarmeta (Universidad de Murcia)
    “POSITIF: A Policy-based Security Management System”

  • G. Fiumara (University of Messina), M. Marchi (University of Milano), A. Provetti (University of Messina)
    “Adaptive Web Data Extraction Policies”