Shuttle bus

We organized for you complimentary shuttle bus transportation for Sunday, April 10 (to Bertinoro) and Friday, April 15 (from Bertinoro). If you are using this service, you should have received by now an email from Marco Prandini, placing you in a specific ride. Please contact him otherwise. Note that changes are not possible due to limited seat availability. Here is our final schedule for download (to Bertinoro) (from Bertinoro).

Sunday, April 10 (to Bertinoro):

  • leaving from Bologna Airport at 11:30, 12:45, 15:30, and 17:30
  • leaving from Forli Train Station at 12:50, 15:30, 17:40, 18:15

Friday, April 15 (from Bertinoro):

  • leaving at 10:40, arrives at Bologna Airport at 12:00
  • leaving at 12:45, arrives at Forli Train Station at 13:10 and at Bologna Airport at 14:20
  • leaving at 14:00, arrives at Forli Train Station at 14:25
  • leaving at 15:00, arrives at Forli Train Station at 15:25
  • leaving at 15:15, arrives at Bologna Central Station at 16:45 and at Bologna Airport at 17:30
  • leaving at 16:00, arrives at Forli Train Station/Hotel Executive at 16:25


Some useful information if you wish to organize your trip to Bertinoro on your own.