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AGAPE supports the design, development and deployment of context-aware collaborative applications in MANET environments.

The AGAPE Framework

Collaboration in AGAPE is based on the metaphor of group: only entities that are member of the same group can interoperate. AGAPE groups aggregate together co-located entities sharing similar interests, tasks and goals. In addition, AGAPE provides application developers with several context-aware communication patterns that permit to identify message recipients, to schedule messages on the basis of application-specific priorities and to tailor message presentation on the basis of entity attributes, preferences and capabilities. [Further Details]

The AGAPE Applications

AGAPE enables the development of innovative applications ranging from emergency rescue, to elder care, to entertainment just to mention a few. We have developed some application prototypes to evaluate the applicability of AGAPE to different application domains. [Further Details]

Experimental Results and Evaluation

AGAPE introduces different forms of overhead depending on the different AGAPE group and communication management functions involved, from the joining of new members, to members roaming into new localities, to context-dependent view propagation, to on-line advertisement message dissemination, to communication binding management. We have carried out a number of measurements to evaluate the functioning of AGAPE and to quantify the AGAPE support service overhead. [Further Details]


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