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AGAPE: Allocation and Group-Aware Pervasive Environment


These pages are dedicated to the AGAPE (Allocation and Group Aware Pervasive Environment) framework. AGAPE is a group management and group communication framework that promotes and supports the design, development and deployment of context-aware collaborative applications in MANET environments. 

The emergence of mobile ad-hoc networks is promoting the creation of new application domains and even of new markets. Examples of MANET-enabled application domains range form military scenarios, to emergency rescue, to vehicle coordination, to multi-player games, just to mention a few. These application domains require novel services for opportunistically arranging/dissolving ad-hoc communities among currently nearby users sharing common interests, tasks and goals.

AGAPE group membership management support allows close users with common interests to create and join ad-hoc groups on-demand, provides them with appropriate mechanisms to interact with the underlying network operating system to collect context information and to propagate context information up to the application level.

The AGAPE group communication support allows co-located group members to communicate via context-based point-to-point and multipoint communication patterns. In particular, according to the selected communication pattern, one (or more) group member is dynamically selected for the collaboration on the basis of its attributes and characteristics. In addition, the AGAPE group communication support permits to schedule message order and to tailor message format on the basis of the communicating entities context, such as their profile attributes.

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