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Research at L I A

Research Areas

Artificial Intelligence
Coordination Models & Systems
Mobile Agents
Mobile Computing
Programming Languages and Paradigms
Software Engineering

Research Prototypes & Software

ACL (Abductive Concept Learning)
ACLT ( Agent Communication and Control through Logic Theories)
AGAPE ( Allocation and Group-Aware Pervasive Environments)
ALIAS (Abductive LogIc Agent System)
CLIMB (Computational Logic for the verIfication and Modeling of Business processes and choreographies)
DARGOS (Distributed Architecture for Resource manaGement and mOnitoring in cloudS)
FUN (A system for measuring FUNction Points)
IHMAS (IMS-compliant Handoff Management Application Server )
LAP (Learning Abductive Programs)
LuCe (Logic Tuple Centres)
MAC (Mobility-Aware Connectivity)
MACHINE (Middleware for Always best served Connectivity management in multi-hop Heterogeneous wIreless NEtwork)
McSense ParticipAct
MIDAS (Middleware for Intelligent Discovery of context-Aware Services )
Mobility Prediction
MMHC (Multi-hop Multi-path Heterogeneous Connectivity)
MUM (Mobile agent-based Ubiquitous multimedia Middleware)
PHD (Proactive Handoff Decision)
PlanNet (PLANner for the NETwork)
POEMA (POlicy Enabled Mobile Applications)
PoSIM (Positioning System Integration and Management)
Proteus (A Semantic Context-Aware Policy Model)
RAMP (Real Ad-hoc Multi-hop Peer-to-peer)
RECOWER (Reliable and Efficient COntext-aware data dissemination middleWare for Emergency Response)
REDMAN (REplication in Dense MANET)
ReSpecT (Reaction Specification Tuples)
REVENGE (REliable and VErsatile News delivery support for aGEncies )
SALES (Scalable context-Aware middleware for mobilLe EnvironmentS)
SAMOA (Socially-Aware and MObile Architecture)
SCIFF (IFF with Social Constraints)
Smart Buffer
SODA (Societies in Open Distributed Agent environments)
SOMA (Secure and Open Mobile Agent programming framework)
TuCSoN (Tuple Centres Spread over Networks)
tuProlog (A Java-based, light-weight Prolog engine for Internet applications and infrastructures)
ubiQoS (QoS middleware for VoD services)
WHOO (WSN Hybrid rOuting prOtocol)

Papers & Reports

LIA Papers
LIA Technical Reports

Research Projects

Paint Manufacturing - CRAFT Project
Servizi Sicuri (Secure Services)
Parnaso Ecumene
Servizi Multimediali in Ambiente Distribuito
Societies Of ComputeeS (SOCS European Project)
IS-MANET - CNR Strategic Project

Closed Research Projects

MOSAICO (Design Methodologies and Tools for Distributed Applications in High Performance Systems)


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