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SCIFF Overview

SCIFF is an abductive proof procedure ispired by the IFF proof procedure by Fung and Kowalski. SCIFF has been developed as a task of the SOCS project.

The main application SCIFF was developed for is to verify the compliance of agent to interaction protocols. In order to allow such application, SCIFF extends IFF in several respects:

SCIFF is being developed at the and at ENDIF, University of Ferrara and at DEIS, University of Bologna.


Getting SCIFF

SCIFF is under active development. Choose your favourite version:

The development of SCIFF for SICStus 3 will be abandoned in the future, however, please contact us if you find any bug. SCIFF for SICStus 4 is usually faster, however there are applications in which the old version is faster.

The versions available on this web site do not provide a Graphical User Interface, however, you can download the SCIFF editor: an Eclipse plugin for SCIFF.

Running SCIFF

Unzip the archive in a directory of your choice.

See the SCIFF User's Manual for instructions on how to use it.

SCIFF Editor

The SCIFF editor is an IDE, based on Eclipse, for SCIFF.



If you have questions about SCIFF, or want to signal a bug, you can contact one of the developers


This work is partially funded by the Information Society Technologies programme of the European Commission, Future and Emerging Technologies under the IST-2001-32530 SOCS project, within the Global Computing proactive initiative.

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Marco Alberti, Federico Chesani, Marco Gavanelli, Evelina Lamma, Paola Mello, Paolo Torroni: Verifiable agent interaction in abductive logic programming: The SCIFF framework. ACM Transactions on Computational Logic (TOCL), 2008. Downloadable from Source 1 (preprint) or Source 2 (scroll page)