A System for Measuring Function Points

FUN (FUNction point measurement) is a system for the automated measurement of the Function Point software metric from specifications expressed in the form of an Entity Relationship (ER) diagram and a Data Flow Diagram (DFD). FUN has been implemented in Prolog.

FUN was developed with two aims:

The following papers provide a description of the main ideas behind the system:

The source files of the system are available as a ZIP file. Please read the included readme.txt file for instruction on how to intall and use the system. Some examples are also available. FUN has been written for Sicstus Prolog 3#5. Please send a mail to Fabrizio Riguzzi if you download the code. FUN is free for acadmic purposes, please contact Fabrizio Riguzzi if you want to use it for commercial purposes . Contact him also to report comments and bugs.
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