Proteus: An Adaptive Context-Aware Semantic Policy Framework


Context and policy ontologies


Instantiation rules single test


Aggregation rules single test


Instantiation + Aggregation rules



  • A. Toninelli, R. Montanari, L. Kagal and O.Lassila: A Semantic Context-Aware Access Control Policy Framework for Secure Collaborations in Pervasive Environments. Proc. of the Fifth International Semantic Web Conference, November 5-9, Athens GA, USA, LNCS (2006).

  • A. Toninelli, R. Montanari, L. Kagal and O.Lassila: Proteus: A Semantic Context-Aware Adaptive Policy Model. Proc. of the IEEE 2007 International Workshop on Policy for Distributed Systems and Networks (Policy 07), Bologna, Italy, June 13-15, IEEE Computer Society Press (2007).

White papers

  • G. Clemente: Progettazione e realizzazione di un sistema context-aware per il controllo dell'accesso basati su tecnologie semantiche. Master Thesis (in Italian), March 2007.




If you are interested in the prototype code or in any of the above publications, please send an email to:

alessandra.toninelli AT unibo DOT it

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