Some words from the organizers...

The DALT and ISCL spring schools together made a very enjoyable and culturally rich event. Thanks to the effort of many persons involved (lecturers, local organizers, sponsors), and to the participation of really wonderful students, the success of the event turned out to be overwhelmingly positive.

We asked the participants to give us their opinions on the aspects of the event that we considered most important. This was done via a web form. We gathered feedback from 40% of the 57 attendees within only a few days.

The results are summarized below. The school received an amazing feedback! We did not receive a single negative review, and the average overall evaluation was outstanding (click on the picture below to enlarge). The evaluation shows that the schools fully met their objectives, and that agent and computational logic research have several areas of mutual interest. Many students and lecturers appreciated the possibility to navigate freely from one event to the other.


...from the students...

"Thank you all so much for excellent organization and this opportunity for me. I appreciate all your help very much"

"I would like to thank you for organizing the Spring school. It was a real success and everybody loved it. I gained a lot from attending the school, your efforts really made everybody comfortable in the school and felt like home."

"Thank you all for this effective and nice organization!"

"The school was a real success. The lecturers were very knowledgeable. The organizers were approachable and welcoming to all attendants. They did all their best to accommodate the needs of all. I would like to thank the lecturers, the organizers and the sponsors for the knowledge gained from the school and the wonderful time we spent there."

"Organization was EXCELLENT. Everything was planned to the minute and the schedule was respected. The lecturers were all established personalities in their fields. It was an honour and a pleasure to attend their courses and to meet them in person. I was in the DALT school and the alternation between practical topics (like agent programming languages) and theoretical ones was more than welcome. Unfortunately, sometimes the topics were too advanced for me and I am concluding that I should read more articles and books in order to understand them. The location was very well chosen. The landscape was just beautiful, and it allowed for an immersion in the topics of AI. The city was small enough so that we were together all the time, and this mattered a lot! I liked the isolation and the quietness in the residency. Overall, after this school, I feel very motivated to concentrate on my PHD studies and to diversify the types of materials that I am reading. Thank you for this WONDERFUL spring school! :-)"

"Booklet was a great idea. Cultural diversity was really good. Well organized. Dense, but valuable schedule."

"Concerning the workshops, and lectures - I loved the "hands-on" session of GOAL, and I think that this is a good idea."

"All in the school (the accommodation, the lecturers, the daily organization etc) was perfectly planned and implemented. The chance to interact with both students of many countries and high profile lecturers gave us the ability to better know the academic realities of different countries (thanks to the friendly environment), the core issues of advanced topics (thanks to the experience of the lecturers) and where the research is heading to (thanks to the helpfulness of the lecturers). The staff helped us providing a relaxed environment that enabled us to keep focus on the school tasks."

"Brilliant school. Very experienced lecturers, excellent organization and very friendly atmosphere. The programme and social activities were very intensive. Although feeling a little bit tried at this moment, I really enjoyed the school. Thanks to all lecturers and organizers."

"Many thanks for your kind considerations. The school was perfect, high quality lectures, and friendly communications in a well-organized atmosphere in a beautiful town."

"I have enjoyed ISCL very much. It was a complete success. Congratulations! DALT/ISCL provided high quality education within a multi-cultural environment. For me, it did not only broaden my knowledge about cutting-edge research in MAS and CL, but also about perspectives on the future provided by internationally renowned scientists. Plus, there was enough time to mingle. Exchanging ideas was very important to me since I strongly believe that the best way to do research is in collaboration with others. DALT/ISCL provided an excellent platform to this. I discussed research ideas with fellow students and obtained feedback on my work from world leading scientists. It was definitely worth coming all the way from Australia. I would encourage to organise similar events in the future!"

"A fabulous school and a spotless organization!! :):) Sincere congratulations to the organizers, lecturers and all of you. Great experience from every viewpoint!! Thanks again for all, and let us hope to meet again soon!"

"It was a great school, an unforgettable experience. The organizers were the most helpful and friendly people! I regret it lasted only 1 week."

... and from the lecturers.

"Many thanks for the superb organization of the school. It was a real pleasure to participate."

"Thank you: it has been a great pleasure, for once, to teach, because the students were attentive and interested, and the other lecturers were pleasant company."

"The organization was just perfect and it was so much fun to discuss with the students. They were all really interested and open to learn new things. It was really a pleasure to be a lecturer, so thanks again for the invitation and the organization!"

"Thanks and again many congratulations for making the best school organisation ever in our community."