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Research Activity

I've moved to the University of Ferrara, Italy.
Please, visit http://docente.unife.it/carlo.giannelli

My research is focused on location-/context-aware multi-hop multi-path communciation in heterogeneous wireless enviornments

  • Mobile Computing
    • Mobile agent platforms
    • IEEE 802.11 handover prediction
    • Wired/Wireless environments
    • Handover strategies in IEEE 802.11
    • Vertical handover
    • Heterogeneous mesh networking
    • Spontaneous networks
    • Social connectivity sharing
    • Multimedia streaming: quality evaluation and tailoring

  • Location Aware Computing
    • IEEE 802.11/Bluetooth positioning techniques
    • Cross-layer positioning middlewares
    • Positioning system integration and management
    • Privacy enabler mechanisms and applications

I am a member of IEEE.

PhD Thesis

  • Carlo Giannelli: Middleware for communication interface and context source management in heterogeneous wireless environments, PhD Thesis in Computer Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy, April 2008.
    [pdf PhD Thesis]


  • The FIRB WEB-MINDS project: Middleware for Advanced Services over Large-Scale Wired-Wireless Systems (2003-2006).
  • The SOFIA project – Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications (2009-2011)


Technical/Program/Organizing Committees

  • ICST Mobilware: 2008 Publication Chair (ACM), 2009 Web Chair and Publication Chair (Springer), 2010 Web Chair and Publication Chair (Springer), 2011 Web Chair
  • ICST MobiMedia: 2010 TPC member, 2011 TPC member
  • ICST MONAMI: 2010 TPC member, Publicity Chair and Publication Chair (Springer), 2011 TPC member and Publication Chair (Springer)
  • IARIA ICWMC: 2010 TPC member, 2011 TPC member
  • ITU/Kaleidoscope: 2008 TPC member, 2009 TPC member, 2010 TPC member, 2011 TPC member