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About me

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Research Activity

For more recent research activities, please refer to my webpage at INRIA.

My research is focused on the design and development of semantic-based middleware solutions to support context-aware applications in pervasive environments.

Semantic metadata (profiles and policies) support flexible and expressive modeling of possibly complex system/context information, and allow automated reasoning to infer additional knowledge from available data.

I am investigating how semantic technologies can be successfully exploited:

  • to enhance pervasive computing applications
    with context and socially aware features;
  • to design usable security systems based on policies
    that users can understand and manage.

Past and current research projects include:

  • The Proteus framework -- Context-aware policy-driven security solutions for pervasive environments.

  • The MIDAS and S-MIDAS frameworks -- Context-aware and secure discovery of services using semantic techniques.

  • The SAMOA framework -- Semantic-based middleware solutions to support anywhere and anytime social networks.

Funding Projects

  • EU ARTEMIS SP3 Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications (SOFIA).

  • MIUR Negotiated Project FIRB, Strategic Program Enabling Technologies for the Information Society Objective 2: Networks and Net-computing, TOCAI: Knowledge-oriented Technologies for Internet-based Enterprise Aggregation" (2006-2008).

  • MURST PRIN Project “MOMA: a middleware approach to MObile MultimodAl web services” (2006-2007).

  • CNR Strategic Project, Funding Area: Enabling Software Platforms for Complex Distributed Objects, "IS-MANET: Middleware for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and their Applications” (2003-2007).

  • FIRB WEB-MINDS project: Middleware for Advanced Services over Large-Scale Wired-Wireless Systems (2003-2005).WEB-MINDS project: Middleware for Advanced Services over Large-Scale Wired-Wireless Systems (2003-2005).