ALIAS 1.0 was implemented in 1999 by Stefano Tampieri, under the supervision of Anna Ciampolini, Evelina Lamma, Paola Mello and Cesare Stefanelli.
The current version is a major rewriting by Paolo Torroni, and is maintained by Paolo Torroni. The implementation of ALIAS has been designed and developed as a Java visual application exploiting the libraries provided by Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server 4.1.

ALIAS 2.0, was developed in 2000 as an extension of ALIAS 1.0. It supports Rambling Agents, and it requires Amzi! Prolog libraries to run the compiled examples, which are provided for testing purposes in conjunction with the Java classes. In order to compile, link and run new examples (i.e., new agent knowledge bases), Amzi! Developement Environment should be downloaded at Amzi! Home Page. Currently supported platforms are Win95/NT/98, nevertheless the system could be easily extended to Solaris platforms, importing the proper libraries which can be downloaded at Amzi! Home Page.

ALIAS 3.0 was implemented in 2001 by Ivan Monari, under the supervision of Paolo Torroni, Anna Ciampolini, and Paola Mello, as a project for a laurea thesis. It supports the Language for AbductIve Logic Agents (LAILA), requires Jinni (in particular, it was developed with Jinni 98) to run the agents. Currently supported platforms are all those suppoted by Jinni.

The system is currently under developement, so please e-mail us your questions and requests concerning the state of the system and the latest version.

Available on this server are the following distributions:

Version 1.0 installation instructions (in Italian) are included in the package, while some installation notes about version 2.0 could be found here. Version 3.0 installation instructions and documentation (in Italian), including some examples, are all zipped in the distribution package.

This page has been last updated on July 20, 2004

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