The SCIFF Abductive Proof Procedure


Protocol Repository

SCIFF Editor

The SCIFF editor provides a convenient IDE to work with SCIFF programs. The editor is an Eclipse plugin.

To use the editor:

  1. Download Eclipse and unzip it in a directory.
  2. Download the SCIFF Plugin (either ver 1.0 or ver 1.1) and unzip it in the plugins subdirectory of the Eclipse directory.
  3. Open the file in the directory where you installed SCIFF with a text editor. Modify the path, pointing to where you will insert your projects.
  4. Run Eclipse (the first usage, use 'eclipse -clean'). It will ask you to define a workspace directory. Insert the path of the directory you entered in the file
  5. in Eclipse, select the menu "Window"-->"Preferences..." --> "SCIFF", and set the path for SICStus, SCIFF and SOCS-SI

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