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For a brief outlook of SOCS, download the project brochure now!

Project Objectives - The growing complexity of distributed systems calls for models and technologies that promote system predictability and verification. Formal methods and declarative technologies have recently witnessed a growing interest as a vehicle to address such issues. The SOCS project aims at a providing computational logic model for the description, analysis and verification of global and open societies of heterogeneous computees, intended as abstractions of the entities that populate open and global computing environments. Read this page to learn more about the objectives of the SOCS project!

Project Partners And Management - SOCS is a project funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme. The SOCS consortium is composed of six European partners, based in Italy, UK, and Cyprus. The SOCS staff is composed of more than 20 people. Learn more about the project workplan!

Project Workplan - SOCS is organized into six main workpackages, including theoretical, implementation, and experimental work. Follow this link to learn more about the project workplan!

Meetings & Workshops - The SOCS consortium meets quarterly to discuss about its achievements and workplan. Read this page to learn more about the SOCS meetings!

Related Events - The SOCS project is related to two main research areas: Logic Programming and Multi-Agent Systems. Follow this link to see a list of related events!

Publications - This page contains a (not updated) list of articles produced by the SOCS consortium, and their relationship with the objectives of the project

Pictures - Some pictures from the Rovereto meeting (March 2004)

Demos - A demo of the SOCS Social Infrastructure will be given at AAMAS 2004


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