REDMAN Source Code

REDMAN Releases:
Simulation Code
The REDMAN boundary identification, manager election and replica degree maintenance code has been developed for the USC ISI NS-2 simulator.
All archives are released in the compressed .tar.gz format.

The following is a new version of the Density Agent Code, implementing election routing tables. No external routing protocol is necessary anymore. The following is the Replica Degree Maintenance (RDM) simulation source code, running on the AODV routing protocol.
  • Replica Degree Maintenance Code [Released on 08/11/2004]

  • Prototype Code
    A REDMAN prototype running on J2ME (for CLDC/MIDP and CDC configurations) has been developed.
    The code is available for research/educational purposes only.
    Please, contact us, if you are interested in the current version.