REplication in Dense MANet

REDMAN is a middleware solution to disseminate, manage and retrieve replicas of resources of common interest made available by cooperating nodes in dense MANETs. REDMAN takes advantage of high node density and node proximity to improve availability of both data and service components, by exploiting lightweight solutions specifically suitable for dense MANETs.
The primary idea is of maintaining resource replicas always stored in the dense area with a fixed replication degree, independently of possible (and unpredictable) exits from the dense region of nodes hosting the replicas. A dynamically elected node is in charge of playing the replica manager role: when it ascertains the exit of resource replicas from the controlled dense MANET, it commands the distribution of new replicas within the dense area to maintain the specified replication degree for that resource. REDMAN addresses the primary challenging issues of dense MANETs, i.e., the determination of nodes belonging to the dense region, the sensing of node entering/exiting the dense MANET, and the dynamic election of the replica manager, in a completely decentralized way via original ad-hoc lightweight protocols.
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