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Download and try the RAMP Middleware! (JRE version)
1) Download,
2) extract files,
3) start ramp.bat (Windows), (Linux) or ramp.command (MacOSX).
Tested on MSWindows XP/Vista/7, Linux Debian/Ubuntu and MacOSX SnowLeopard, but should work even on other distributions.
The Android APK is available!
OSGi bundles are available!
RAMP core: it.unibo.deis.lia.ramp.osgi_1.0.3.201202231831.jar
RAMP UPnP Proxy: it.unibo.deis.lia.ramp.osgi.service.upnp.UpnpProxyEntrypoint_1.0.0.201203050859.jar
Tell us about your experience
Your feedback is more than welcome!
Let us know if you have any problem or have any suggestions on how to improve RAMP.

Download RAMP Source Code

Improve RAMP adding new features
A free and public version of RAMP source code is available, only for educational purposes and non-commercial use.
To request the source code, please contact us.

Single-hop Link Creation Support

While single-hop link creation is out of the scope of the RAMP middleware, for your convenience we provide even single-hop link creation support for IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth and Ethernet (only Linux). You can create single-hop links either exploiting our previous MMHC middleware or exploiting our GUI-based manual configuration tool (suggested choice). To request the source code, please contact us.

Last modified: March 30, 2012
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