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Download & Implementation details

January 2007 - A free and public version of PoSIM source code is available, only for educational purposes and non-commercial use.
To request the source code, please contact us.
What you need to take full advantage of PoSIM
  1. The PoSIM middleware
  2. The Jess Library (download it from http://www.jessrules.com/jess/download.shtml )
  3. One or more positioning systems
    Just to give some examples, we have integrated the following positioning systems
    • BTProximity, our Bluetooth-based privacy-enabled positioning system
      required components:
      • The BTProximity java source code (request us our prototype)
      • A Bluetooth device
      • A Linux Operating System
    • Ekahau
      required components:
    • GPS
      • accessed via rxtx Comm API (for linux: to exploit rfcomm serial port, download the source code and enable Linux-all-ports in gnu.io.RXTXCommDriver)
      • requires a GPS device
    • JSR-179
      • we are able to integrate every positioning system compliant with the JSR-179 Location API for J2ME
      • if you desire, require the prototype we have developed which provides GPS location information via JSR179-like API (note: our prototype is only partially compliant with JSR-179 API)


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