The PHD Project


The purpose of the PHD Project is to provide effective support to for fast vertical handoff decision based on the open profiling of devices, networks, and adaptation operators, on the static calculation of feasible profile compositions, and on proactively managing vertical handoff occurrences.


In particular, PHD exploits:

  • Vertical handoff predictions: PHD dynamically monitors the quality of signal at all the wireless network interfaces available at client and predicts possible handoff occurrences to anticipate handoff decisioning.
  • Statically evaluated profile combinations: PHD deliberately limits the number of multimedia formats supported and adaptable by our mobile middleware by defining a finite and restricted set of Internal PRofiles (IPR).
  • Fuzzy-based techniques: PHD employs Multiple-Attribute Decision Making (MADM) and fuzzy membership functions due to their high flexibility, capability to deal with contrasting objectives, and ease of use.